Strawberry picking, Bacchus Marsh

Picking times and fruit availability can vary daily so please always check the picking update before coming.

 Details Price
Entry Adult (16+): $10 includes 500g of strawberries
Child (5-15): $5 includes 250g of strawberries
Extra strawberries cost per kilogram $14

Strawberry picking season: best during October – May

Strawberries are one of summer’s most iconic flavours, bringing back simple memories like tucking into freshly washed strawberries after a busy day at the beach. At Naturipe Fruits’ strawberry picking farm, we’ve got a reputation for the best berries in town, and our fresh fruit promises on-the-spot enjoyment that continues to last after you take your pickings home.

Their crisp freshness and versatile flavours make strawberries ideal for even the fussiest eaters – enjoy them whole in a refreshing fruit salad, or chocolate-dipped for extra indulgence. Blend them into smoothies for a healthy breakfast or mid-morning snack, or add them to baked treats like muffins and tarts.

You can also freeze or preserve strawberries to create your own home-made sauces, jams and relishes, perfect as gifts for family and friends.

Naturipe Fruits grows Albion strawberries – known for their very large, symmetrical and vibrantly coloured fruit. With more than 10 years’ experience growing strawberries in Bacchus Marsh, we’ve perfected our Albion variety to produce exceptional flavour and the highest-quality fruit, grown using best-practice farming.

Tips for picking your own strawberries

  • Look for bright red colour, green stem and green calecs – the green part on top of the fruit.
  • Size doesn’t matter – sometimes smaller strawberries are packed full of flavour.

The best way to pick the strawberry without bruising it is to carefully flick it off the stem.

If you can’t make it to pick your own strawberries, we offer fresh fruit – picked each day for you to take home and enjoy at your leisure. At Naturipe, we don’t store any fruit – it’s all ready-picked on the day for maximum flavour.

Please see our Naturipe Fruits picking update to find out when we’re open for strawberry picking. We also offer cherry picking in Bacchus Marsh.