Pick your own nectarines and peaches in Bacchus Marsh

Peach and nectarine picking: in season December and January

 Details Price
Entry FREE
Cost per kilogram Peaches: $4.00
Nectarines: $4.00

Biting into the crisp and juicy skin of peaches and nectarines is one of summer’s best perks. The yellow and white fleshy stone fruits are very similar, with the main difference being peaches have a soft, fuzzy skin while nectarines are smoother and shinier. Nectarines also tend to be slightly smaller and firmer than peaches.

Whatever your preference, at Naturipe Fruits we ensure both peaches and nectarines are left on the tree to ripen to optimal maturity for a burst of aromatic flavour. We have a range of old and new varieties, from new plantings through to trees more than 20 years old, carefully selected for optimal flavour and size.

We cater to all tastes, with some varieties best eaten firm for tart flavour, while others reach a full, sweeter flavour if left to ripen.

So grab a bucket and go out and enjoy our Bacchus Marsh fruit picking fields. You can stock up on all your favourite fruits, with strawberry picking and cherry picking also on offer.

If you need instructions on how to get to our pick your own fruit farm, we’re located at the Melbourne end of the Avenue of Honour.

Fruit picking tips for peaches and nectarines

Be careful to select the ripest fruit, and try not to drop any on the ground, as this will cause the fruit to bruise.

If you do pick firm fruit, it will continue to ripen off the tree, and a well-picked peach or nectarine can last in your home for weeks after picking.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what to look for when picking your own fruits – there are always friendly farmers around Naturipe Fruits’ farm to help point you in the right direction.

Please contact us for more information.