Pick your own fruit, Bacchus Marsh

There’s nothing quite like fresh summer fruits – bringing back laughing memories of days at the beach and barbecue dinners followed by fruit salad and ice-cream. Naturipe Fruits offers an enjoyable experience at our Bacchus Marsh fruit picking farm, where customers can pick their own fruits fresh from the tree or orchard.

Tourists of all ages and ethnicities will love the authentic fruit picking experience, and everyone from locals to holiday-makers and food lovers will enjoy a day soaking up the sunshine in the crisp and clean country air.

Our fruit picking farm is a great day out for parents and kids alike, where you can meet local growers and teach kids about growing and fruit farming – then enjoy picking your own fruit to take home and make something special.

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Fruit picking

Late October signals the start of strawberry picking season, and there’s nothing better than sweet and juicy strawberries for a summer treat. Whether you like them chocolate dipped for a naughty snack, or thrown in a fruit salad, pick your own to enjoy any way you like.

If you prefer to pick your own cherries, you’ll be in your element with a fresh supply of high-quality, delicious and sweet cherries available for picking and packed with goodness.

Not a berry lover? Don’t worry – our fruit picking farm has something for everyone, with crisp Golden Delicious and Royal Gala apples, as well as nectarine and peach picking to enjoy.

Simply collect your bucket from our friendly farm staff and start fruit picking. Once you’re happy with your bounty, weigh your bucket and pay.

We have a few farm rules in place to make sure everyone gets the most out of their fruit picking experience. We ask all guests to please:

  • ensure you only pick fruit you intend to take home
  • pay for and wash all fruit before eating it
  • keep your children with you and supervised at all times
  • leave pets at home
  • take all rubbish with you when you leave.

Please contact Naturipe Fruits to find out more, or take a look at how to get to our fruit picking farm in Bacchus Marsh.

If you don’t have time to pick your own, we also have fresh fruit for sale. All our fruit is picked daily, ensuring the highest quality, freshness and unique taste.


   Details Price Adults (16+) includes 500g of strawberries $10 Children(5-15) includes 250g of strawberries $5 Extra strawberries $14 per kg Strawberries are one of summer’s most iconic flavours, bringing back simple memories like tucking into freshly washed strawberries after a busy day at the beach. At Naturipe Fruits’ strawberry picking farm, we’ve got a...

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 Details Price Entry Adult: $8 Child: $5 Cost per kilogram $13 If you’re looking for a fun day out for the whole family over the school holidays, you’ll love our cherry picking farm, just outside Melbourne in Bacchus Marsh. Get out and soak up some of our beautiful summer sun, and walk away with a...

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Peaches & Nectarines

 Details Price Entry FREE Cost per kilogram Peaches: $4.00 Nectarines: $4.00 Biting into the crisp and juicy skin of peaches and nectarines is one of summer’s best perks. The yellow and white fleshy stone fruits are very similar, with the main difference being peaches have a soft, fuzzy skin while nectarines are smoother and shinier....

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 Details Price Entry FREE Cost per kilogram $3.50 No matter what type of apple you prefer, at Naturipe Fruits in Bacchus Marsh, our pick-your-own apples experience offers a whole range of both red and green varieties. Whether you like your apples crisp and tart, or soft and juicy, choose from: Royal Gala Golden Delicious Early...

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